Joel Schmied | Pure Interiors

Joel Schmied

Joel Schmied is an international Interior Designer with over 20 years experience in the industry. He heads up Pure Interior Architecture, a fast-growing full service-design firm. Joel has also designed and opened two exceptional Sydney showrooms, Pure Interiors and Pure Concept, sourcing and retailing an exclusive range of luxury European brands.

Born and raised in Switzerland, Joel began his career in joinery, sparking his interest in forming bespoke design solutions. He then joined a newly established interior design company, being instrumental in building it up into a successful and thriving firm. Joel married an Australian and moved to Sydney in 2010, and founded Pure Interior Architecture. 

Joel has the ability to listen to his clients and to interpret their words into a compelling vision. He is known for contemporary, luxurious and elegant spaces, executed with the highest standards, using the highest quality brands.

Cristy O'Connell

Cristy O’Connell joined the Pure Interiors team in 2012 and works as a design and sales consultant. Cristy brings a wealth of interdisciplinary skills to Pure with expertise in fashion design, human resource management and business administration.

Cristy is a certified Interior Designer who takes particular interest and care to understand to your design needs, and aims to make sure you are completely satisfied and your expectations have been exceeded in every way.

Giuseppe Zumbo | Pure Interiors

Giuseppe Zumbo

As the sales and contract manager, Giuseppe brings over ten years experience with Europe's leading furniture and kitchen brands to the Pure team. His in-depth understanding of architecture and expertise in the industry allows him to flow between sales, design work and project management. 

Giuseppe works closely alongside Director Joel, and is passionate about helping clients create elegant and sophisticated architectural and interior solutions.

Jennifer Lush | Pure Interiors

Jennifer Lush

Jennifer is a Canadian native and certified Interior Designer, who joined the Pure Team in 2012. She has expertise in various aspects of design, specialising in the sourcing of upmarket fabrics and wall coverings, and has had her work published in various publications in Canada.

As the Showroom Manager and Design Assistant, Jennifer brings a freshness and vitality to the Pure Team. Jennifer is passionate about helping clients create a place of rest, comfort and relaxation

Christian Obereigner | Pure Interiors

Christian Obereigner

Christian joined Pure in 2016 and brings to the team over ten years of enriching experience in Furniture and Design. Relocating from his native Austria, where he dedicated himself to becoming a highly accomplished craftsman earning his qualifications in Joinery and then Master Craftsman in Joinery and Interior Design.

Christian brings a wealth of hands-on experience in different roles ranging from interior design, project management, site management, store management, bespoke furniture production, stock oversight and people management. Christian is a passionate and dedicated designer and craftsman who demonstrates a holistic understanding of the design process and what it takes to complete any project with the highest standards. 

Naomi Raval | Pure Interiors

Naomi Raval

Naomi has recently joined Pure Interiors as Executive Assistant.

She brings a wealth of experience in different roles ranging from planning and managing design projects, to marketing, public relations and client liaison, to administration. She has a strong record of excellence and achieving a premium result in all she does. 

While Naomi’s attention to detail and commitment to excellence guide her client engagement and ensure mutually satisfactory outcomes, she relates to people in a heartfelt manner to best understand their requirements and expectations.

As Naomi finalises her studies in Interior Design, she envisions combining her professional experience with her passion to create beautiful interiors that appeal to all senses.