RIMADESIO | Technical Innovation & Eco Awareness

Internationally recognized for the highest quality design and manufacturing, Rimadesio also champion an environmental commitment to reduce their eco-footprint by using only recyclable materials and innovative production ideas.

Starting with Aluminium which is 100% recyclable and defined as clean & green. This extraordinary material, together with its pliancy, lightness and durability, is the reason for its choice for all structural parts of their products.
Next is Glass, which is often considered the first artificial material invented by mankind. Also, fully recyclable ad infinitum, glass completely conforms to the principals of environmental sustainability.
From packaging made up entirely in recyclable corrugated fibreboard, for strength and durability during transportation, to operating their manufacturing facilities using solar power, Rimadesio clean and reuse water and non-toxic water based paint finishes.
Working tirelessly in pursuit of sustainable excellence, producing generational items for the home, commercial and retail spaces, Rimadesio are market leaders not only in appearance but in the companies ethical DNA.

Visit us at our newly launched Rimadesio flagship store at Pure Interiors – 1D Danks Street, Waterloo, Sydney. Click below or please contact us for more information.

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