Alma from LEMA

Design by Leonardo Dainelli

Alma by Leonardo Dainelli has a strong decorative identity; it is an armchair with rich forms and a sophisticated, sartorial attitude. A contemporary interpretation of the 1940s style; where an enveloping shape joins a soft cushion for the seating and back, giving life to a new and elegant expression of Lema’s attitude to comfort. At the basis of the project is the design culture between Lema and the designer, which respects and valorizes the craftsmanship, and is one of the main traits of the designer’s name. The strong charisma of Alma can be found in the refined selection of upholstery, which can be in fabric or leather, whilst its vintage soul can be found in details such as the feet enriched by a fine plaque in brass. The soft coordinated footstool completes the project.


Fabrics, leathers, and metal.


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