Galerist from LEMA

Design by Christophe Pillet

The name Galerist encapsulates a way of displaying objects in a space: a display cabinet that arises from a classic motif and that reinvents itself in order to become decor that is both contemporary and design. Christophe Pillet sets his sights on round glass, creating a stage within which to display items and memories in a way that their value is appreciated at every angle. The four walls, in fact, are in extra-clear glass, allowing for a 360-degree view. The doors’ hinges are details that are simultaneously functional and aesthetic, made in treated metal to give it deep and full colour. The display case is entirely in aluminium, made with welding especially tailored for this project.

Available as an optional the refined Canaletto walnut chest of drawers to be leant on the shelf.


Metal structure and hinged, front and inside extra light glass, wood chest of drawer.


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