Two Ceiling Fan from CEA

Innovative, high performance bathroom fittings and accessories from CEA.

TWO is a low consumption, high performance indoor or outdoor ceiling mounted fan. The weightless carbon fibre blades and electric motor and system guarantee high efficiency and low energy consumption. TWO can be used to regulate the air temperature or support air conditioning and heating systems; with the optional photovoltaic panel available, TWO can be also used in conjunction with solar power operation. The five speed silent engine allows for suitable use at night, even at maximum speed. 

Key Features: 

  • Indoor or outdoor use. 
  • Ceiling mounted, 3 or 5 blade option.
  • Double rotation; clockwise and counter clockwise. 
  • Electric motor with 5 speeds. 
  • Carbon fibre blades, anthracite grey. 
  • Stainless steel support beam and adjustable connection and extensions. 
  • CEA products are fully recyclable.

For more detailed specifications on this product, please see attached PDF or make an enquiry.


Blades made in carbon fibre, anthracite grey. Stainless steel support beam and adjustable connection and extensions.


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