Davis Case Sofa


The armrest Case is fitted on the padded base of the sofa providing further storage space as bookcase. A solution matching aesthetic and functionality, available in two sizes.

Refined expression of a way of understanding the sofa as a furnishing element as leading role of the environment, Davis Case is a proposal characterized by contemporary shapes with geometrical rigour, but at the same time soft and welcoming.
Available in two widths, it is offered as a furnishing element with an open storage unit covered in hide-leather or leather, resting on the padded base of the sofa. The Davis system features a wide modularity with central, terminal, corner, chaise longue, dormeuse elements in addition to asymmetrical ones, which allows the development of linear or articulated compositions, without forgetting the important family of accessories which completes the offer with precious textures and materials. In addition to the armrest, with the Davis system it is possible to choose between five different types of feet and three different seat cushion comforts, to meet different aesthetic and usage requirements, more or less soft, more or less formal.
The Davis sofa features a “patent pending” back cushion with integrated raised movement, which in the raised version increases the seating space and provides greater comfort.
Product Sheet