Davis Flat Sofa


Davis is a system which allows you to create your bespoken sofa: expression of a contemporary concept to interpret the sofa as a furnishing element being the main character of every room. The armrest Flat features an adjustable movement for a sophisticated look.

Contemporary in style and functionality, Davis Flat features a cushion with adjustable movement in height available in three sizes: 36cm and 56cm with just the adjustable cushion for more compact solutions and the version at 74cm featuring the cushion with movement at 36cm plus an accessory, either a tray or a top or a box element, to be fitted onto the padded base of the sofa for more articulated solutions.
Elements to be used as option or together with padded armrests for unexpected compositions. The Davis system features a wide modularity with central, terminal, corner, chaise longue, dormeuse elements in addition to asymmetrical ones, which allows the development of linear or articulated compositions, without forgetting the important family of accessories which completes the offer with precious textures and materials.
Product Sheet