Luxor Door from Rimadesio

Rimadesio are global leaders in the design and manufacture of architectural solutions including doors, sliding doors and wardrobes.

The Luxor co-planar door panels are custom made with a slender aluminum structure and a push/pull opening, characterised by its exclusive lacquered glass jamb which offers complete integration between the wall and door panel. The door system is fitted with patented innovative technical solutions that guarantee versatility in design, easy installation and exceptional reliability over time.

Key Features:

  • Custom made. 
  • Aluminium frame and glass panels. 
  • Patented telescopic adjusting profile and sliding profile in extruded aluminum. 
  • Accommodates large dimensions up to 120 cm in width per panel. 
  • Available as single or double sliding door for pocket systems. 
  • Fully retractable, accessible pocket system. 
  • Soft motion brake to ensure smooth and silent movements when closing. 
  • Available in swing or sliding door panels with bi-directional opening option.

For more detailed specifications on this product, please see attached PDF or make an enquiry.


Aluminium or matt lacquered glass frame. Lacquered, matt glass and leather panels.



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