Stone Line Round Table Outdoor

Exteta focuses on the Italian tradition of design and workmanship, bringing beauty, elegance and total originality to any outdoor space.

Exteta are known for their high end structures such as gazebos and tea houses used as outdoor kitchens, bathrooms and luxury spas. The solid yet elegant cabanas and individual wooden pieces are made of the finest weather-resistant materials. These wooden, outdoor rooms encase a jacuzzi, a seating area, and/or a recliner section, and can include a bar and/or fully functioning kitchen. 

Handcrafted outdoor tables and stool Collection handmade in a selection of fine marble, available in Bardiglio Italian marble, Black Marquina marble from Spain and Indian granite Matrix. 

To experience an amazing, outdoor Exteta structure, visit the Pure Concept showroom.


Available in Bardiglio marble, Black Marquina marble and Matrix granite.


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