Alamo from LEMA

Design by David Lopez Quincoces

An Art Deco spirit and magnetic charm for the sophisticated and meticulous lines of the Alamo table by David Lopez Quincoces, where the decorative codes of the ‘40s are reinterpreted and fused with a distinctively minimal contemporary style.

The designer’s study was focused on the theme of lightness: the elegant structure and the table top have essential lines, creating a timeless design object that has been given added appeal by the combination of different materials.

The structure is in bronze coated painted metal while the top presents a brand-new grain-effect top.

Made of stratified aluminium, it is characterised by a new and exclusive tactile finish, composed of resin, pigmented marble powder and shavings of precious metals, like bronze and brass. Proposed in three enticing colour options inspired by natural stone Blu Lapislazzuli, Verde Malachite and Nero Belgian Blue.


Metal structure, and top is reconstructed marble.


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