Emery from LEMA

Design by Officinadesign Lema

Armadio al Centimetro Wardrobe, the modular system that offers utmost building freedom, is enriched with the new Emery wardrobe.

Defined by a vertical slim metallic profile, Emery by Officinadesign LEMA is characterised by refined doors in back-painted acid-etched glass. This special treatment suggests a door surface that is matte, and extremely smooth and soft to the touch, discreetly concealing the bright interiors finished in new Canvas melamine that has a delicate fabric-effect texture.
Emery also features wide-ranging internal equipment offering multiple combinations for any need: drawer units, display cases for trousers, belts and shoes. Shelf and hanging rail with a built-in light, not forgetting precious details in leather and fabric such as mats for drawers and boxes for shirt compartments.


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