Kiri from LEMA

Design by Giancarlo Vegni

Kiri, meaning ‘cut’ in Japanese, by Giancarlo Vegni is defined by aluminium profiles matched to panels in wood or matte lacquered finish. With the attention to detail typical of LEMA, the new shelves have been designed with a metal frame and solid surface, and the hardware has been fully reviewed to ensure improved aesthetic effects. Customisable in depth, it also features wide-ranging internal equipment options to suit any need. Drawer units, display cases for trousers, belts and shoes, shelves and hanging rails with built-in lights are completed with luxury details in leather and sumptuous fabrics for a wardrobe that is truly elegant.


Structure interior in melamine and back panel available also with decorative fabric. Structure exterior in matt lacquered, wood, melamine excluding brown and white. Door frame in metal and door panel in matt lacquered or wood.


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