Rimadesio is the ultimate interior design optimiser. Specialising in systems that subdivide and define interior environments, Rimadesio offers a range of bespoke products including doors, sliding panels, shelving units, wardrobes and a collection of complimentary furniture. 

Quality, precision, reliability and durability are features of all Rimadesio’s products. To achieve the highest quality, Rimadesio’s systems and products are carefully engineered and feature proprietary technical features. 

Featured in this post is the sail sliding door, a double sided sliding panel that combines functional performance with an original and strong expressive aesthetic value. Available in aluminium or timber in a range of types and colours the Sail sliding door is suitable for all spaces. The vertical structural elements create a semi-transparent screen, punctuating and delineating the space. The sliding system hardware has been engineered to ensure a simple yet high performing design, that results in a smooth, reliable and consistent door open. 

Rimadesio’s products strike the perfect balance between modern design and are custom made to adapt to and suit any space. 

Rimadesio is committed to the community and the environment and is focused on the production of energy from renewable sources, circularity in the use of materials, containment of plastic and consumption in general, as well as production efficiency. 

This social and environmental focus  has transformed Rimadesio into  a modern leader in bespoke furniture design and production. 

Rimadesio is available at Pure Interiors, view the full range here.