Our story

Welcome to PURE Interiors, where exceptional European design meets unmatched care & craftsmanship. Founded in 2010 by Joel and Anita Schmied, our family-owned business is built on over 20 years of industry experience. We pride ourselves on transforming spaces with premium products and outstanding service, all while nurturing genuine relationships with our clients and giving back to our community. At PURE, we’re passionate about making a significant impact through our dedication to excellence and heartfelt commitment to every project.

Joel Schmied’s journey into craftsmanship began in Switzerland at his family’s wood mill. Surrounded by the sights and sounds of the workshop, he discovered his passion for joinery early on. During his apprenticeship, Joel was mentored by the patriarch of the firm and trained by local craftsmen who were like family to him. As his skills grew, so did his interest in interior design. After completing his studies, Joel spent over a decade in high-end design, where he refined his expertise. His unique blend of craftsmanship and creative vision has made him a distinguished figure in the industry.

Thanks to the strategic partnerships Joel established in Europe, PURE Interiors has successfully introduced premium European brands like Rimadesio, Arclinea, Lema, and Porada to Australia. Upon relocating to Australia, Joel nurtured these relationships, upholding the highest standards and demonstrating his commitment to exceptional products and service. These partnerships endure not only due to Joel's connections but also his technical expertise. PURE Interiors is celebrated for these distinguished collaborations, representing renowned designers like Antonio Citterio and some of the world's most prestigious brands, dedicated to offering unparalleled quality and service.

Craftsmanship, design, and premium products come together to define PURE.

Today, PURE stands as a testament to Joel and Anita's combined passion, dedication, and commitment to elegance, quality in design, and above all, their commitment to people. With an incredible team now in place, our talented designers and professionals collaborate closely with you to bring your vision to life. With the unmatched expertise of our skilled in-house European installers, we ensure each project is a true masterpiece, executed with care and craftsmanship

Balance. Quality. Care.

Our mission is found in the relationship between PURE and the products we choose to represent, the carefully curated collection of brands we partner and represent, the interior architects, specifiers and designers we support and the client projects that our team is directly responsible for - the mission of pure is to cultivate balance, quality and care in each relationship and project.

We love what we do

PURE is renowned as a source of exclusive European furniture, presenting a range of premium brands including flagship stores for global brands Arclinea and Rimadesio. We feature a curated collection of European-designed kitchens, bathrooms, bespoke wardrobes, and stylish doors. Our range also encompasses a wide selection of indoor and outdoor furniture and wellness solutions. Our dedicated team, including in-house designers, project managers, and expert technicians, collaborates closely with architects and designers or end-customers to provide bespoke solutions for any space. Visit one of our showrooms to explore our diverse selection and meet our friendly team.

A brand you can trust

We offer a unique combination of skills as both retailers and designers, and we aim to provide premuim prodcuts, design and service. Our team can provide you with advice on furnishings and interiors for residential and commercial projects right across Australia and overseas.

PURE Interiors is a brand you can trust, a brand you can rely on for premium quality, and a brand that finishes projects to perfection.

Visit our Sydney or Melbourne showrooms today to truly experience our brand and unique collection of high-end interior solutions. We would love to meet you.