USB Mirror


A known image, a leap in scale, a change of meaning. USB is the collection of mirrors that refers to the geometry and shape of the data collection keys and accompanies the solutions of the antoniolupi washbasin area with elegance and expressiveness. Simple in its form but at the same time iconic and capable of triggering virtuous relationships with furniture and compositions, thanks to the careful use of light, it enhances the space and the wall beyond and best describes the colours and textures of surfaces, volumes and floors.

Available in oval, arched or rounded corners, in different heights, the series features indirect backlighting which gives charm and amplifies the formal lightness of the mirror surface. An ethereal presence, when the geometry of the mirror is illuminated, conveys a feeling of suspension, a versatility of proposals that also includes versions with a sandblasted motif that allows light to filter and become direct. Different solutions made possible by advanced technology and know-how in the manufacture of mirrors which has always been in the DNA of antoniolupi.

Product Sheet