Diffuser Decor Fuoco


A velvety night descends upon the citrus orchards and lemon groves after a fiery hot day, among the hypnotic chirping of the cicadas. The air vibrates with expectation, charged with the heady scent of citrus fruits and the exciting promise of distant lands, heralded by echoes of wonderfully sweet spices.

A mysterious and magical night in which anything can happen.
Darkness amplifies the senses, the heart listens to the silence, the eyes see beyond.
A soft citrus prelude becomes the gateway to an intriguing chord of rose and cloves, culminating in an Eastern fire of patchouli. For creatures of the night.


Fragrance            Fuoco

Spray Capacity    250ml / 500ml / 1000ml

Collection            Decor

Olfactory Family  Oriental

Facet                    Spicy

Olfactory Notes   Orange, Lemon, Rose, Cloves, Patchouli, Slamese, Benzoin

Season                 Autumn / Winter

Location               Living Room

Created                1991


A wide-open sea view, one glance sweeping across the bay, the mountain sliding into the deep blue, and the villages perched up high, resembling a painting. A place of natural elegance with a vigorous, almost physical energy.

Vivacity. A bold spicy opening features distinctive notes of penetrating coriander, the delicate citrus of bergamot, and aromatic herbs. Elegance. A masculine amber blends with the creaminess of sandalwood for a wonderfully energetic finish.

Diving off the rocks.
The bracing effect of coriander, the independence of bergamot, the carefree nature of sandalwood.