Diffuser Decor The


The tea ceremony, slow and meditative. Hypnotic gestures of an ancient tradition performed one by one in a symbolic ritual. A balanced and pure blend of bergamot and Japanese green Sencha tea, complemented by a note of guaiacum wood. A tribute to slowness.


Fragrance            Thé

Spray Capacity    250ml / 500ml / 1000ml

Collection            Decor

Olfactory Family  Aromatic

Facet                    Floral

Olfactory Notes   Bergamot, Sencha Tea, Guaiacum Wood

Season                 Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter

Location               Living Room, Study, Kitchen

Created                1997

Soaking in the meditative warmth of a bath tub filled with Japanese green tea. Vapours rise hypnotically off the water, delicately diffusing and filling the room with the aroma of tea leaves.

Energy. The invigorating notes of an elegant bergamot are released first, immediately followed by Sencha tea leaves with their subtle floral aroma. Peace. The floral-citrus accord persists, with the vanilla-tinged guaiac appearing in the finish.

The delicate energy of tea.
The positivity of bergamot, the purifying power of tea, the creativity of guaiac.