Velvet Candle 270g


Captivating, romantic and floral, pervades the atmosphere with sheer love. The notes of tuberose and ylang ylang, pleasurably accompany this romantic journey, harmonized with delicate notes of lime and sandalwood, carrying the lovers far away to an infinite horizon. For the lovers...


Fragrance             Velvet

Capacity               270g

Olfactory Family   Floral

Facet                     Chypre

Olfactory Notes    Lime, Tuberose, Violet Leaves, Carnation, Ylang Ylang, Sandal Wood

Season                  Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter

Location                Living Room, Study

Created                 2016


Touching the soft petals of a flower with your fingertips and feelings its smooth consistency, like an enveloping piece of velvet. Letting yourself be cradled in a swaddled world of curving softness.

The delicacy of tuberose and the sensual creaminess of Ylang Ylang make this fragrance floral and elusive yet substantial, supported by the gentle coolness of lime and violet leaves on one side, and by the dense aroma of sandalwood on the other.
Losing oneself in softness.

The hypnotic relaxation of tuberose.