Arva Chair

KFF is known for its strong focus on seating furniture for the dining area. It is therefore only logical that Jens Lewe and his design team interpret ARVA for dining. Building on plywood tray and racks of the ARVA LOUNGE family, KFF is presenting concerted versions of the dining chair in Cologne. Also for the ARVA chair, it is possible to choose the armrests that are upholstered in the material of the shell covering. The seat cushion, which forms a unit with the back cushion, can be upholstered in exciting material contrast with the shell. KFF proves with the entire ARVA family the ability of consistent product design - and this beyond seating furniture.

The ARVA chair has set a trend with its cushion inlaid in an upholstered moulded wood shell. However, the comfort of the ARVA chair is unmatched because the highest quality materials refined by professional workmanship lead to an optimal result. The ARVA chair is timeless in design and will provide lasting pleasure in sitting. The seat shell, which is always equally comfortable, can rest on different frames, making it highly customizable.
Product Sheet