Piana Collection


Simple in its elegance, refined in its essentiality, exclusive and customizable thanks to the multiple possibilities of combination. Piana is one of the collections that best expresses the ability of antoniolupi to make each project tailor-made, to create each composition as if it were a tailored suit for dimensions, colours and finishes. A fresh and clean image that hides a productive wisdom and a quality of materials that guarantee aesthetics and amenity at every level. Today the Piana collection "touches the ground" going beyond the suspended versions that have always identified this proposal and characterized its image.

An evolution that gives a different aspect to domestic micro-architecture, which redefines hierarchies and dimensional relationships within the bathroom, outlining new modular mono-blocks able to furnish the space giving it personality and character. A proposal that amplifies the functionality of the volumes, effectively increasing the storage capacity and rationalizing the space to accommodate everything necessary for daily operations in the bathroom area.

Product Sheet