Faroe Coffee Table


This container/seat hybrid offers an island of comfort

Faroe is a complex project which reinterprets the concept of storage to create a collection of versatile freestanding containers and seating. These islands can be customised and set out in various different configurations, experimenting with leather-covered pieces and chests of drawers available in different sizes and with different interior finishes. The pieces can be placed in the centre of the room, be that a living room, bedroom or walk-in wardrobe, with the concept of “island” underlined by the project’s name, which draws inspiration from the Danish archipelago. Faroe features a carefully calibrated design, with a sleek suspended metal frame supporting the wooden chests of drawers and the padded seat cushions.

The piece is further elevated by the tempered glass tops, which have been designed to serve as sophisticated display cases where your most personal objects can be stored: smaller ornaments for the living room, watches, jewellery and leather goods for the walk-in wardrobe version. Faroe is protected by registration on the EU’s Design Programme.

Product Sheet