Naica Wardrobe

Bespoke wardrobe with a strong graphic feel

The unique recessed detail which runs the entire height of the wardrobe becomes the distinguishing aesthetic feature of Naica Armadio al Centimetro from Cairoli & Donzelli. Available with hinged or coplanar doors, the wardrobe's grooves create a sense of continuous, flowing movement, while also serving a functional purpose as the handles. In the hinged-door versions, which can be customised in terms of height, width and depth, the piece allows the user to open just one of the doors while leaving the rest closed, while the sophisticated compass opening system means the coplanar doors can be installed in a single line, delivering the aesthetic benefit of a perfectly continuous surface with no protrusions or recesses.

Naica is perfect when paired with the bespoke Selecta living room system, which allows you to achieve a customised solution with a sophisticated, geometric design featuring closed and open compartments. There is plenty of scope to customise both the exterior and interior: the Armadio al Centimetro programme offers a range of different finishes and stunning features design to allow the space to be adapted to accommodate specific functional requirements. These include drawers, racks for trousers, belts and shoes, shelves and clothes rails with integrated lighting solutions. The wardrobe also offers gorgeous detailing in leather and fabric, such as drawer pads and boxes for shirt racks.
Product Sheet