Bemade Cabinets Bathroom Furniture

An important and articulated collection born from a coherent and thorough project in every detail. An elegant and contemporary proposal in the perfect style of antoniolupi, a series of containers that, thanks to the quality of the materials and the broadness of the range of finishes and colours, allows infinite possibility of customization. Bemade, born in 2020 and expanded over time, extends into every room of the house where it fits with a rigorous but sophisticated accent. The new wardrobe units carry all the characteristics of the original project, updated in size and proportions are perfect for furnishing, with style and elegance, anti-bathrooms but also bedrooms or living rooms. Net volumes that draw on the wall domestic architectures made of balance, reflections, lights and shadows.

Available in different widths, heights and depths, in the single version with one door or double with two doors, they constitute a solution with a high aesthetic value but also with maximum functionality thanks to the space available and the possibility of integrating LED lighting in each shelf. The Bemade wardrobe units can be made in different wood essences, or in the wide range of colours of antoniolupi lacquers. The precious SKIN cenere finish gives the volumes a deep and fascinating image. There are also several proposals for the glass: from transparent in bronze and fumè to acid-etched, from fluted to reflective. Surfaces that radically change the face of the units and of the furniture as a whole, design tools that enhance the very “me” which is the true theme of the contemporary home.
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