Cut Sink


Clear and precise lines, perfect cuts that divide and shape the material to give life to pure geometries, sharp edges and rigorous volumes. An elegant final image that comes from a sophisticated proportional balance, from measured dimensions, from the relationship between solids and voids, and from the superposition of layers that settle on each other. The creativity of man, the unique value of the material and the advanced technology meet in the Cut washbasin, obtained from a single block of marble from which the automatic milling processes have extracted the essence. A precious material that seamlessly gives rise to a rectangular basin, a large table top, a multi-purpose front gap and a towel holder.

The result is an unpublished image, a sink that expresses its now thanks to the particular "architectural" section that can be appreciated by looking at it from the side. The unrepeatable veins of the marble meet the rigorous perfection of mechanics, the expressiveness of an incredible material is once again enhanced by the creativity and knowledge of designer and company, for a timeless project that tells about the ability to interpret material antoniolupi has.

Product Sheet