Horizon Sofa


Horizon  is the new modular sectional sofa on platform which interprets the quality and care of Frigerio with Pillet's nonchalant style. The proposal reflects the contemporary living and the position, which is today required to the sofa: a relax sofa, leading character of the space more and more versatile and fluid in the use and functions. Convivial space, but also working station, where to have drinks or quick lunch.

A wide range of for a design sofa with linear, corner, more or less complex solutions, with asymmetrical trapezoidal elements, curved elements and with the possibility to have a deep seat sofa. There are two seat depths available to suit heterogeneous lifestyles and functional and spatial requirements in both residential and contract settings. The platform on which the backrests and armrests are fitted is covered in fabric or leather to accentuate its sophisticated character.

For maximum seating comfort, Pillet proposes different kind of armrests depending on the depth harmonizing with the product’s design. There is also the possibility to insert in the composition several accessories, which can be positioned both as central and terminal elements, which increase the functionality of the sofa, becoming a support surface, or padded volumes to create a new kind of armrest.

Product Sheet