Miller Sofa


Extremely dynamics in the aesthetic and functions, Miller is conceived as a space for encounter. Two- and three-seater sofas and sectional elements such as central, terminal, corner, chaise longue, dormeuse and stools are available for an extremely wide proposal featuring a clearly horizontal progression with generous volumes matching plain and quilted surfaces. The elements of the programme, which are freely matched, can create strongly personalized solutions which are able to overturn, by enriching it, the classical sofa function within the domestic or contract areas.

Much more than a collection of seating, Miller is a true and real furnishing system which puts together the various padded elements – available in one depth, yet with different kind of structures, armrests and back – to open or closed storage units and bookcases in different materials. The three typologies of armrests define the relation between the seat elements and the integrated volumes: standard padded armrest, Open with fitting elements placed on floor and Top with fitting elements laid on the sofa structure. 

Product Sheet