Aramara Spray

100 ml

A sunny day in the countryside, infused with the reassuring aroma of citrus peel. The scent of the fruits is dispersed and remains suspended between a pleasant bitterness and a candied sweetness, just like some of life’s moments.

Aramara is the result of an afternoon spent in the kitchen of a Sicilian pastry chef who summoned his skills to reveal the countless secrets of bitter orange. Formulated like a product of haute patisserie, Aramara is a gourmand fragrance.

Fragrance            Aramara

Dimension           L 6,2 x P 4,8 x H 12,5 cm

Spray Capacity    100ml

Olfactory Family  Citrus

Facet                    Woody

Olfactory Notes   Bitter Orange, Bergamot, Sandal Wood

Season                 Spring / Summer

Location               Living Room, Kitchen, Study

Created                2001


A wide-open sea view, one glance sweeping across the bay, the mountain sliding into the deep blue, and the villages perched up high, resembling a painting. A place of natural elegance with a vigorous, almost physical energy.

Vivacity. A bold spicy opening features distinctive notes of penetrating coriander, the delicate citrus of bergamot, and aromatic herbs. Elegance. A masculine amber blends with the creaminess of sandalwood for a wonderfully energetic finish.

Diving off the rocks.
The bracing effect of coriander, the independence of bergamot, the carefree nature of sandalwood.