Bloom Sink


Thin and foldable like a sheet of paper, cozy and deep but at the same time light and delicate. Bloom is the top mount basin with an original shape that comes from a rigorous geometry but softens emphasizing the subtlety of the material and the thickness of the border that seems to cancel out. The soft lines that open upwards invite the use of the sink and accompany the gestures, facilitating the experience, while the base remains important and well anchored to the top. The 4 cuts in the corners refer to the image of a box that opens and becomes the hallmark of the collection.

Simple details that are transformed into contemporary decor and contribute to the transposition of the material's meaning. In fact, the sheet seems to tear off because subjected to the force of the water but in reality the casing is resistant, solid and ensures a great capacity to the basin. A top mount sink that emphasizes the subtlety of the material, considering it as a moulded sheet in a soft but geometrically rigorous way. The four cuts on the ends emphasize its lightness, giving it an almost handmade character. The soft curves, below, confer instead visual solidity at the base of the object.

Product Sheet