Cactus Bathroom Accessories


It grows spontaneously, rising upwards with a sturdy and thin stem, frequently interrupted by apparently random protrusions that determine its final aesthetics. It refers to the image of a plant with its explicit vertical dimension and in particular to desert plants. Cactus is the name of this clothes hanger by antoniolupi which geometrically represents the image of the succulent plant. A simple steel tube lacquered matt white or in all the colours of the antoniolupi range, a thin element to which hooks are welded at different heights to reproduce the originality of the Cactus.

A clothes hanger with an unprecedented image, a flexible object that can be placed anywhere, from the bathroom to the bedroom, from the living room to the kitchen, a friendly presence that allows you to hang towels or different objects, making them immediately available for use. Its flexibility is accentuated by the absence of any type of drilling or building intervention. In fact, an integrated adjustment system allows for a stable and safe fixing from floor to ceiling.

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