Diffuser Decor Mountain


Step by step, from the dense undergrowth of distant forests the air gradually becomes rarefied, with occasional pungent scents of cardamom, cedar and labdanum emerging in all their intensity.


Fragrance            Mountain

Spray Capacity    250ml / 500ml / 1000ml / 2700ml

Collection            Decor

Olfactory Family  Woody

Facet                    Woody

Olfactory Notes   Citron Leaves, Cardamom, Guaiacum, Vetiver, Cedar Wood, Labdanum

Season                 Autumn / Winter

Location               Living Room, Study

Created                2010


The cosy atmosphere of a mountain chalet, with the warm logs in the fireplace giving off their delicate, slightly balsamic, almost oriental aroma.

Resin. A pungent opening, with top notes of cedar leaves and cardamom gives way to a heart of guaiac with its balsamic, vaguely floral resin. The Far East. The woods emerge clearly, with a slightly smoky, tenacious vetiver and the density of the labdanum note, with its slightly honeyed, amber-tinged charisma.

East and West.
The bracing properties of cardamom and vetiver, the invigorating effect of cedar, the sacred quality of labdanum.