Dandy Wardrobe

Bespoke wardrobe with hinged doors inspired by an artisanal approach

The Dandy Armadio al Centimetro from Officinadesign Lema delivers great versatility in terms of modularity and aesthetics. The wardrobe has been designed for domestic spaces, with the various different aesthetic styles of the doors aiming to complement the very personal nature of such environments. The hinged door version of the wardrobe has a metal frame and offers a wide range of different panels to choose from: transparent glass, reflective bronzed glass, coloured lacquered glass, bronzed glass with fabric serigraphy and panels with a decorative fabric covering.

The glass-door version taps into the current trend for wardrobes which double up as display cases, achieving a real sense of openness and lightness. Meanwhile, the panels with decorative fabric covering evoke the simplicity and purity of Oriental influences. The height, length and depth of Dandy can all be customised, while there are plenty of ways to customise the interior too. The Armadio al Centimetro programme offers a range of different finishes and stunning features design to allow the space to be adapted to accommodate specific functional requirements, including drawers, racks for trousers, belts and shoes, shelves and clothes rails with integrated lighting solutions. The wardrobe also offers gorgeous detailing in leather and fabric, such as drawer pads and boxes for shirt racks.


Structure interior in melamine and back panel available also with decorative fabric Structure exterior gloss lacquered and matt lacquered, wood, melamine excluding visone and white. Door frame in metal, door panel in glass or decorative fabric.
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