Diffuser Decor Mediterranea


Immerse yourself in the tangy scents of the Mediterranean and experience the sensation of a deeper breath. Fresh, with a spicy note of ginger and an elegant touch of cedar wood.


Fragrance            Mediterranea

Spray Capacity    250ml / 500ml / 1000ml / 2700ml

Collection            Decor

Olfactory Family  Woody

Facet                    Citrus

Olfactory Notes   Bitter Orange, Lemon, Neroli, Ginger, Lentisk, Cedar Wood

Season                 Spring / Summer

Location               Living Room

Created                2007


The Apulian countryside in all of its fertile abundance, with pomegranate trees and prickly pears laden with fruits peeking above the drystone walls. Wandering into the Mediterranean scrub overlooking the sea; picking fruit, getting your hands dirty, tasting its woody essence.

Fruit. The top notes are fresh and scented with ripe fruit: bitter orange and lemon, added to which is an intriguingly piquant note of ginger. The Mediterranean scrub. The citrusy, slightly bitter floral touch of neroli carries us towards an unforgettable woody finish: from the penetrating note of mastic to the supreme elegance of cedar.

Summer on your skin.
The vitality of lemon, the energy of ginger, the regenerating power of neroli, the resonance of cedar.