Era Spray

100 ml

The sweet sour feel of forest comes from an experience of meditative, enveloping and theatrical breath. A rough and sweet place at the same time shaded. Truthful, in total harmony with the soul and with the place of reference.

An enchanted place that reminds of a time, an era, unforgettable, vegetable luxury.


Fragrance            Era

Dimension           L 6,2 x P 4,8 x H 12,5 cm

Spray Capacity    100ml

Olfactory Family  Fruity

Facet                    Floral

Olfactory Notes   Cassis, Blueberry, Rose, Vegetable Amber, Cedar Wood

Season                 Spring / Summer

Location               Living Room

Created                2018


A majestic fig tree grows tall and proud, carving out a space for itself among the white stone, within the thick walls of a farmstead. The shade beneath its leaves is pleasantly cool, with the scent of summer still in the air.

The leaves. A dry, staunch opening with the slightly pungent, herbaceous notes of fig and grapefruit leaves, sweetened by hyacinth. The fig tree. The cool sensuality of jasmine blossoms then sweeps in, mellowed by the fig milk accord and the sweet woodiness of sandalwood. The sun. The intensity and sweetness of amber-spiced vanilla emerge boldly and continue for some time before fading into an elegant, light final note of moss.

Summer in the shade. The patient calmness and the sunshine conveyed by the fig, the purifying freshness of grapefruit, the serene nuance of vanilla.