Fume Extraction System


Each kitchen project must be able to solve concrete and daily needs. Aspiration is certainly one of these and must be addressed by considering, in the first instance, the technical and spatial aspects. Arclinea has always tackled this crucial issue, developing elements that are able to accommodate and integrate effective extraction systems: without forgetting the formal and stylistic aspects of the environment designed in its complexity.

New Convivium Hood, New Artusi Professional Hood
New Convivium hood available in stainless steel, Vintage steel, bronze, black, champagne PVD stainless steel, with glass border, 3000K LED lighting, telescopic tie-rods for load-bearing ceilings. New Artusi Professional hood available in stainless steel and Vintage steel, with glass border and tool running around the edge, 3000K LED lighting. Extraction power: 1250 MC/h.

PVD Single Shelf Hood, PVD Double Shelf Hood, Single Shelf Hood In Stainless Steel, Double Shelf Hood In Stainless Steel
A lightweight system of shelves hung from the ceiling with tie-rods integrate ceiling fume extraction. Available in black, bronze and champagne PVD stainless steel, in stainless steel and in Vintage stainless steel, with tool rail running around the edge. Complete with 3000K L0E0D/36li0ghting. Extraction power: 850 MC/h.

Artusi Gourmet Wall Hood
Artusi Gourmet wall hood, in stainless steel and Vintage stainless steel, is available in two versions: air extraction and filtering. The latter can also include professional active carbon filters. Extraction power: 1250 MC/h.

Shelf Hood and Mensoluce Shelf
Exclusive systems for designing compact and effective wall-mounted fume extraction. The Shelf Hood is available in aluminium with front in stainless steel, Vintage steel and bronze, black, champagne PVD stainless steel, complete with 3000K LED lighting and integratable Schuko sockets. The Mensoluce Shelf, positioned underneath the wall units, is available in aluminium with front in stainless steel, Vintage stainless steel or black anodised aluminium, complete with 3000K LED lighting. Both systems provide extraction power equivalent to 850 MC/h.

Shelf Hood, Mensoluce Shelf, Top Hide Hood
Hide hood for top in tempered glass with ‘touch-control’ on the Totem for commanding glass height. Extraction power: 850 MC/h. Available in the following versions: air extraction, filtering, or remote motor. Finishes; stainless steel, Vintage stainless steel and black PVD.

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