Galerist Container


Display case built around the concept of transparency.

As the name suggests, Galerist provides a wonderful way of displaying items. A container fitted with three shelves, it draws its inspiration from traditional display cases, reinventing the classical style to create a completely transparent, contemporary piece. Christophe Pillet has focused heavily on glass to create a sleek yet bold piece, which can be used to display objects and mementos, ensuring they can be admired from every angle. Four walls made from extra-light glass allow for an unbroken, 360° view.

The hinges of the door serve both a functional and aesthetic purpose, having been made from metal that has been treated to obtain a deep, full colour. The entire structure of the case is made from metal, with the joints designed specifically for this unique piece, which also works well as a feature in the middle of a room. Also available with a chest of drawers in elegant Canaletto walnut.

Product Sheet