Gravita Bathroom Accessories


The aesthetics of a simple gesture such as the rotation, the compositional balance of simple forms, the complementary and dependence of two elements that live only when they are together. Gravità is the clothes hanger in oak wood finish natural or dark, that comes from the combination of two geometric figures, a cylinder and a parallelepiped or alternatively two cylinders, apparently static but actually able to come alive. It is in fact the rotation on itself of one of the two elements that actually allows us to express the function of the whole.

In fact, the rotation of the mobile part in the direction of the fixed part allows the clothes to be locked in a secure grip. An added feature to the fixed part of the system which in itself is already a clothes hanger. A flexible solution, able to go beyond the confines of the bathroom space into the other rooms of the house thanks to the finishes that are integrated with the furnishing materials and to a non-intrusive image that is enhanced when it receives a garment or a fabric with different decorations, colours and graphics.

Product Sheet