Jermyn Sofa


Ultra-sleek modular sofa

There is a real sense of lightness to this timeless sofa, available in fixed, modular and corner versions, which combines sophistication with sartorial spirit to great effect. Jermyn’s compact armrests and backrest open out gently to accommodate the soft seat cushions, which add comfort to the linearity which runs through the design. The flat feet - made from cast metal - serve the dual purpose of holding the sofa off the ground and contributing to the sleek feel. A line of stitching - a typical Guillaumier feature which speaks about the brand’s attention to detail - runs along the external part of the armrests and backrest, adding character to the sofa and emphasising the curvature of the structure.

An exercise in style and sartorial spirit, Jermyn takes its name from Jermyn Street in London, home to some of the most famous tailors in the world - bespoke workshops with whom Lema shares a vocation for customisation.

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