Knot Outdoor Rug


KNOT is an outdoor rugs collection with a contemporary taste that combines sobriety, refinement and naturalness. Handmade on a loom, these designer rugs enhance the garden furniture and offer an outdoor performance of the highest level, while maintaining a soft and elegant appearance.

KNOT develops around a simple, elegant weave, made with a warp and weft of the same colour, or two-tone, always in a natural hue that perfectly combines with the finishes of the outdoor furniture of all the RODA collections.

The fringes of all rugs of this collection are positioned along the 3mt side.

Outdoor hand-woven rugs, poufs, lighting, planters, gazebo and screens: RODA takes the complements outside to create an intimate atmosphere even beyond the walls of the house, to feel like an open-air living room with all the typical atmosphere of an indoor project, creating an outdoor modern luxury living room.

Product Sheet