Link Plus Door


The Link+ swing and sliding door panels are custom made with a slender aluminum structure, characterised by complete integration of the handle block and glass panel with a patented magnetic closing system. The door system is fitted with patented innovative technical solutions that guarantee versatility in design, easy installation and exceptional reliability over time.

Rimadesio’s exclusive chromatic range as well as the custom made dimensions, are meant to serve a new concept of furniture design, where each architectural element is fully customized, providing high stylistic coherence.

A thin aluminum profile define the perimeter of a pure surface that lives on reflections and the power of colors. Link+ is equipped with the lock system with the magnetic latch, an innovative system patented by Rimadesio, allowing silence and reliability.



Handles are available both in the swing and pocket version with the characteristic of the total integration between the handle block and the glass panel, that create a unique and continuous surface.

Product Sheet