Mustique Sofa


A modular sofa providing the ideal island of comfort

Spacious and elegant in a simple, informal way, the modular Mustique sofa is named after a small island in the archipelago of the Grenadines. The name instantly conjures up happy thoughts, encouraging you to take a period of relaxation and spiritual regeneration. A structure composed of two sleek, “H”-shaped pieces of burnished metal or brushed steel supports the linear, padded base, which supports the seat cushions, creating a soft double layer that brings a strong sense of linearity to the design.

The parallelepiped cushions come in different sizes based on their function, while the coverings are elevated by unique pick stitching, which emphasises the shaping. The carefully calibrated, interlocking structure makes for a well-proportioned, perfectly balanced design - a piece with an industrial flavour where every element is in the right place, fulfilling the right role. There are softer surfaces and more rounded corners from the tall, inclined additional cushions, which are designed to adapt to the posture of the back.

Product Sheet