Selecta Bookcase


Sartorial, made-to-measure system.

The bookcase par excellence since its launch in 1995, Selecta is an open-fronted modular system with a genuinely custom-made spirit that draws on all of Lema’s manufacturing expertise and modern company processes. There are new finishes and features being added to the system all the time to accommodate our changing aesthetic and practical requirements.

With over 1500 highly customisable elements in the range, all of which are compatible with an array of finishes, the compositional possibilities are virtually endless. Utility areas, corridors, double-height rooms, attics, under-stair spaces... these are not limitations but opportunities in the world of Selecta, which represents the ideal choice if you want to create a wall with integrating cabling to connect up multimedia devices.

The open-faced shelving can be combined with doors and compartments, open-faced end units and wooden shelves with integrated lighting in the rear panel, to create pleasant mood lighting. Flush doors, protruding doors, double doors and corner doors are all available too. Moreover, for a bookcase able to contain collections, Selecta also offers compartments with velvet lining and glass shelves, in order to provide a fitting setting for more precious objects.

Product Sheet