Hand & Soap Tessuto 500ml

500 ml

A soap with an extremely nourishing formula that cleanses the skin and leave a pleasant feeling of well-being, It is available in 250 ml and 500 ml PET bottles. It feels like a fresh laundry hanging in the sun. Tessuto soap is as fresh as a clean linen shirt.


Fragrance            Tessuto

Capacity              500ml

Olfactory Family  Floral

Facet                    Musk

Olfactory Notes   Cassis Leaves, Cotton Flowers, Jasmine, White Musk

Season                 Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter

Location               Living Room, Bedroom

Created                2001


Walking through a cotton field, hands open, caressing the fluffy bolls. Touching the lightness of fine silk weaves and natural linens on Lake Como; closing your eyes and breathing in their cool, reassuring texture. Feeling at home, always.

Lightness. Blackcurrant leaves, cotton flowers and bergamot provide a light caress in the delicate opening. Sheerness. Jasmine blossoms stride in before being immediately tempered by a sheer, enveloping musk.

Indefinable serenity.
The purity of blackcurrant leaves, the cleanliness of cotton flowers, the calm of bergamot, the confidence of jasmine, the instinctive sensation of musk.