Tekna Bathroom Furniture


Essence in its pure state, the absolute geometry, rigor, and elegance that only the orthogonality of lines can give. But also, the perfection of details and the sense of proportion for timeless aesthetics that allows it to be inserted in different style contexts. Tekna is an "L" shaped shelf made of aluminium and lacquered in matt white or in all the other colours of the antoniolupi range. The reduced thickness of the profiles gives an image of absolute lightness, leaving the objects to play the leading role. At the same time, the strength of the metal guarantees resistance to loads and flatness of elements of considerable length.

Tekna is a modular or custom-made element, which combines aesthetics and functionality because it can accommodate objects of different size and weight. A project that extends to all rooms of the house, a shelf that is placed in the bathroom, for example to facilitate daily actions, but also in the kitchen, in the living room or in the bedroom. Precisely for this multiplicity of uses, Tekna can be integrated with LED lighting that allows you to shed light on the floors below and further amplify the elegance of the composition. Technology and design meet in Tekna to give life to a minimal language that does not override the identity and aesthetics of the space.

Product Sheet