Venise Sofa


Venise: strong aesthetic and formal versatility.

Multifunctional object: space can be at times dedicated to relaxation, and at others to conviviality. Venise responds to this demand by focusing on two primary factors: the elegance of the design and proportions that are emphasised by the bespoke attention to detail and the richness of compositional and geometric variables. Venise is based on two seat depths and two types of armrests, one that is narrower and high and the other that is wider and low. Another distinguishing feature of the system is the possibility of freely matching the various elements with each other, choosing whether or not to combine the same or different types of armrest and depths.

The vast and diverse number of elements - centre and end pieces, corner connections, dormeuse, as well as special end modules with original shapes - trapezium, curved and drop - give structure to an extremely flexible system from a compositional viewpoint: from the simple closed or modular linear sofa, with or without armrests, that can be chosen identical or different, to the more complex compositions with particularly articulated geometries, angular and curved ones, able to interrupt the typical linearity of upholstered furniture with strongly contemporary lines. 

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